From problem to solution - why are nets closed at the bottom?

Until today, this has not yet been fully clarified. We, however, will always leave [KiiPER] open on the bottom. Fair enough, there is one solution to "close" the [KiiPER] at the bottom - yet even then it is not properly closed! A bottom opening has obvious advantages...

  • You can even store long & bulky items
  • You can even load very long items using two [KiiPER]s
  • You can pack and unpack from the top/bottom & left/right
  • You can now also store items on the ceiling and on the floor

[KiiPER] can be manufactured in suitable lengths for industrial applications - the net height of 230 mm is currently fixed.

Easily stowed away - [KiiPER] straight in the net!

Kiiper ist speziell für lange Dinge einfach perfekt gemacht

Almost all of our internal production processes are fully automated in order to guarantee a consistently high industrial quality. Our machines have been technically conceived in such a way that future versions can also be processed automatically in the production chain.

Our industrial clients from the automotive sector require these standards and as a natural consequence we therefore also apply this to the rest of our range.

The image on the right shows one of our fully-automated sewing workstations. The worker inserts only the components for sewing into the insertion tool. The seams are then sewn automatically.  Inspection and error checking is done by the worker, since the trained eye has significant advantages over camera systems!

Genäht wird kiiper und unsere Sturmband in unserer Deutschen Gurtband Weberei und Konfektion

13.04.2015 - The [KiiPER BOXX] 

The [KiiPER BOXX] provides additional storage space and the removable bottom allows you to create additional variations. The [KiiPER]-net is fixed to the wall so that it protrudes at 2 ingenious angles. This results in a storage space depth of approx. 10 cm. Now simply saw a suitable bottom to size, insert it in the space and your [KiiPER BOXX] is ready. Available from the end of May... 

  • Width (40 cm, 60 cm and made to measure), height, 25 cm, depth 10 cm
Kiiperboxx zusätzlicher Stauraum

13.04.2015 - The [KiiPER - PAD]

We recommend that you always secure [KiiPER] with screws - no exceptions! There are, however, installation positions and other situations where drilling or screwing is not possible. The [KiiPER - PAD] can now be used for fitting.

Simply screw the [KiiPER] on the [KiiPER - PAD] and fix this "connector" on any type of surface using adhesive, Velcro tape, double-sided tape, assembly foam, silicone etc. [KiiPER - PAD] has a solid strength of 15 mm - total value incl. assembly holes.

Kiiperpad Brett Befestigung



My [KiiPER] storage net is too small for the markers in the drill template. Have I been supplied with a net which is too small?

No! The net comes out of the package "smaller" since it first has to be stretched to the right length. Stretch widths at a glance:

  • Net [S] has to be stretched by about 3 – 5 cm
  • Net [M] has to be stretched by about 5 – 7 cm
  • Net [L] has to be stretched by about 9 – 11 cm
  • Net [XL] has to be stretched by about 12 – 14 cm

 Further information can be found in our gallery in the [KiiPER] FAQ subsection - CLICK!


How can I remove my [KiiPER] without damaging it?

With some skill, you can make your [KiiPER] removable in three steps. For this purpose, prepare the panels as follows...

  • make 3 small incisions on each of the 4 hook positions on the inside of the panel (as seen from the net side)
  • the incisions have to broken out from the inside outwards
  • the cover can now be "unlocked" again using a screwdriver once the panel has been assembled

We have added a short instruction to the [KiiPER] FAQ subsection to make this clearer - CLICK!

With the exception of this option, it is not possible to dismantle the [KiiPER] without drilling the cover open. The storage net cannot be removed without tools and is therefore theft-proof and also suitable for public areas.


What can I store in my [KiiPER]?

The opening on the bottom of the [KiiPER] has been left intentionally. This means you can stow away more or even stick items through. Once you experienced [KiiPER], you will notice the many advantages.


Does the net wear out?

It is not a rubber net - rubber wears out! We use a technical elastomer. This is far more durable. If you should have a dent in the net because you stored something in it for a whole year, then simply use a normal hair dryer to remove the dent and make the net elastic once more - but be careful and don't heat it up too much!


Which [KiiPER] sizes are currently available?

The [KiiPER] sizes are currently available:

  • S – inner stretch width approx. 20 cm
  • M – inner stretch width approx. 27 cm
  • L – inner stretch width approx. 35 cm
  • XL – inner stretch width approx. 45 cm


What do I get when I order a package?

The delivery scope includes...

  • 1x net with sewn on net holders
  • 2x panels to fit the net
  • 2x covers to fit the net on the panel - can only be dismantled if destroyed
  • 1x drilling template
  • 6x metal screws 4.8x13
  • 6x wood screws 5x17


What are the different patterns of my storage net?

The net is currently only available in linear and chequered versions.


Is the [KiiPER] available in different colours?

Our current net range has the chequered and linear version in black, the linear version is also available in grey.


Do you have any installation ideas for me?

Naturally! [KiiPER] can be installed in any conceivable way. You can install the panel on the bottom and on top (vertical assembly), fit it to the ceiling or the floor or install it at an angle. Look for a free space - that's the space you can install your [KiiPER]!


Can I install the [KiiPER] without drilling?

No! A minimum of 4 drill holes - we recommend 6 - are necessary to install an original [KiiPER] net!

However: The net can be installed on an intermediate element (e.g. wooden board or plastic board) in order to avoid drill holes in the wall / caravan. This is then fitted in the desired space using assembly foam / double-sided tape / Velcro tape / silicone etc.


Can I install my storage net outside?

There is no reason why not. [KiiPER] is mostly weather-resistant and above all theft-proof. Protect it as well as possible against the sun - this will increase the durability.


How long will a [KiiPER] last?

It is impossible to give a general answer to this. The functional efficiency depends on its treatment. As long as [KiiPER] is not deliberately damaged, cut etc., then the net will not wear not. If you protect [KiiPER] against direct sun exposure like any other plastics, then [KiiPER] will last just as long as any other plastic product.