Thermal cutting

"Cold" cutting of webbing straps makes only sense for natural fibre belts since no welded seam can be formed in this case. Artificial belts are normally thermally cut (a special form of thermal cutting will be introduced in the next section).

A very hot blade creates a welded seam on the webbing strap edge and the combination of warp and weft thread no longer opens, which means that the belt no longer frays when used normally. This work step is the basis of every finished belt and is therefore carried out almost completely automatically on high-performance machines.

Depending on the product & lengths, tolerances of +/-2 bis +/- 15 mm are necessary - talk to our staff prior to product development.

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Ultrasound cutting & perforating

Perforating webbing straps (e.g. safety straps for ladders, sample book carry straps or roof arch belts ) is a specialist area. In the past, the material was "pushed" away using a heated mandrel. The main issue was the resulting thickening on the perforated hole edge, which made flush screwing/riveting harder.

Now, with the use of an ultrasound punch of 2.0 mm to 10.0 mm, the material is punched out cleanly leaving a slight weld seam. Thanks to structurally identical ultrasound cutting technology in the same machine, you therefore achieve perfect cutting and perforation results for your belt in one work step.

However, this cutting technology with minimal weld seam is not suitable for every belt and every application.

Cut webbing strap using ultrasound, finished webbing straps

Sewing technology - special seam shapes

We have a range of machine configurations which work with different sewing threads. We can trim every seam perfectly to the visual appearance and performance required by you from simple base seam appearances to a wide range of special seam appearances to single stitch programmed seams.

Fixed base seams such as two times and three times quilted seam or cross-seam are sufficient to achieve very good strength. Sewing machines with a sewing area of 120 x 200 mm allow us to create very special sewing programs for you - single-stitch programmed.

Long-standing experience in all industrial and leisure sector fields helps us to quickly select the right seam for your strap.

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Special sewing machines

We try to cycle ideal sewing sequences for volume work or identical parts. Some special machines have already been invented for this purpose. Light barrier-monitored sewing systems for webbing straps are not available from stock. Add to this software requirements for monitoring sewing yarn on the upper thread and bobbin thread as well as seam quality monitoring.

We only work with external partners in order to perfect entire machine concepts including the necessary software. With you as our customer, we discuss the individual production concepts and product requirements prior to completion of the development in order to achieve a savings potential across the run time as well as product safety using a special machine.

Sewing high-speed webbing straps, special machine construction, sewing automation

Packaging & Logistics

We have a base range of packaging available in order to supply our webbing straps safely to our end customers. Structured storage systems ensure a quick overview and fast commissioning of your order. Administration of annual call orders as well as weekly deliveries for series productions are daily standard processes. Our variable storage system can cope easily with customers' seasonal specific capacity fluctuations.

Web-EDI applications, VDA transport labels and barcodes on our webbing strap packaging can be implemented individually for every customer. We look after different industrial sectors with your relevant special requirements. 

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