09.01.2015 - HT storm guyropes in two-pack and three-pack sets

Our new HT-storm guy ropes consists of extremely high-quality components. High strength and UV-resistant polyester webbing strap, 5 mm metal fittings, 120 kg - GFK-reinforced key lock integrated & ultra-light spring module.

Our storm guyropes completely replace any currently additionally used guyropes. You will only need three guy lines and your awning, marquee or sun sail are secure.

Available in our web shop: Premium HT-Sturmleine
Info under http://www.ht-sturmleine.de/

Storm guyrope for awnings, sun sails and marquess

10.02.2014 - Specialist nets for caravans

One of the most recent new developments by us made its début in January 2014 at CMT in Stuttgart. Since we were also exhibiting [KiiPER] we were able to do some development work directly with the manufacturers.

Based on [KiiPER], the new Dethelff's c'go & c'trend, a specialist net for bath and pre-bath, was developed right at our stall. Time was of the essence since this most successful model was due to be launched in April 2014.

Webbing strap in the caravan

From yarn, to belt, to finished item - ilira-tech®

Let's assume the longest route to get to your finished product! Only you know your destination, your product. As of yet you have no idea how a belt can function in this system or what it ought to look like or do. Now let's involve our team for technical belt applications. 

  • We want to know what your product needs to do!
  • Based on this, and based on our experience from previous developments, we know which demands are placed on the necessary webbing strap
  • We select the raw material (PET, PP, PA, cotton - refer to FAQ)
  • Width & thickness are also important to us
  • Which standards have to be fulfilled
  • Possible colours
  • Quantity structures as calculation basis

With this application profile, we will be able to find a match in our range which consists of approx. 200 variations. If not, we can make the first steps via a sample creation order.