The first work step is always the cutting. We make all our cuttings using lasers if at all possible, and this is the case for all of our cover materials made from artificial fibres. This means we can cut highly-precise shapes. It also allows us to cut out holes and notches which are helpful for sewing. The reproducibility of the cuttings with the highest degree of precision is the decisive advantage. The cutting edges are also sealed and therefore complex seaming in a separate work step is no longer necessary.

The resulting cuttings can immediately be used for further processing.

ilira - stretch, laser cutting



  • Finishing into tubes with quilted seam
  • Finishing into hoods with additional zigzag seam
  • Finishing into single layer hook-in systems with continuous sewn in welting strip
  • Finishing into single layer hook-in systems with ultrasound welded profiles
  • Finishing into hook-in mats with spring steel rods and spring steel hooks
ilira - stretch, accurate sewing with precision sewing machines

finishing into tubes or hoods

Use our comprehensive service

We are able to finish frame parts with ilira-stretch for you either on our premises, but also in cooperation with our external partners. This means we procure frame parts according to your specifications, cut and finish the cover parts and assemble the covers onto the frames. This is specifically useful for the manufacture of pre- or small series. If you are interested in this service, please contact us

Final assembly

  • Assembly of hoses or covers onto frame parts
  • single layer or multi-layer covers of wooden inserts
  • assembly of hook-in systems
  • thermal shrinkage of single layer hook-in systems

We have a relatively large manufacturing depth. Some manufacturing steps don't fit your operational processes? No problem. In this case, we can recommend reliable partners with whom we cooperate or we can integrate these work steps in-house. We then deliver to you the pre-finished components, which you can immediately use in your production. 

ilira - strtech, precise mounting of full surface suspension

Stretching devices

  • simple assembly of tubes and hoods in the shortest amount of time
  • high saving potential for work times in assembly
  • suitable for the production of large series
  • covering service by us or one of our partner companies 
  • sale of stretching machines
  • Special productions with other stretching arms or cylinders possible at any time

 You can check out the functional principle here.

stretching device with air pressure cylinder

full surface cover of a wooden frame
profile welded hook-in net

foam injection moulded frame parts

  • new development for full surface elastic suspension
  • specifically for foam moulded models
  • seat and backrest qualities available
  • net structures with open gaps
  • allows the development 
  • of very slim and highly comfortable seats


      take a bath in comfort, full surface foam injection