Elastic suspensions

Our fully elastic suspension gives the desired comfort to your seating furniture. Give your new products a slim appearance and outstanding seating comfort. A great bandwidth of different qualities is available for you. Please use our prototype and consulting service. Involve us early on in your projects for your planned new developments. This gives us also a chance to support you as well as possible in the development of the frames. Please find below a representative selection and application examples. 

Type RA - rubber elastic back suspension

  • highly elastic, colour black/white
  • markedly soft to medium-strength comfort
  • processable with a pretension of up to 200%
  • partially also manually processable
  • ideal suspension for upholstered furniture
  • application range for backrests, headrests and armrests
  • suspension for bed headboards
  • also available as elastic tightening strip
  • manufacturing widths up to max. 1400 mm
  • available from stock in range 380 - 900 mm
  • can be cut in, does not continue to tear independently
  • burning in of holes for threads optional 
The full-surface suspension for relaxed sitting, backrest and armrest quality

Type SRA - rubber elastic seat/back suspension

  • highly elastic, available in the ranges 400 mm - 600 mm
  • medium-strong quality, processed with up to 100% pretension
  • can be cut in, does not continue to tear independently
  • the perfect, strong suspension in chair backrests
  • moderate seat suspension for upholstered furniture and chairs
  • single-layer processing possible
  • Finishing into tubes or hoods

Are you looking for the most suitable suspension for your dining chair? The moderate SRA creates a snappy, supportive suspension on the usually small backrest area.

the universal suspension for dining chairs, ilira - stretch

Type SR3A - very strong, rubber elastic seat suspension

  • highly elastic
  • very strong premium quality
  • Pretension of up to 140%
  • strong seat suspension for upholstered furniture and chairs
  • single layer processing for wooden inserts possible
  • can be cut in, does not continue to tear
  • available from stock in the widths 300 mm - 600 mm
  • low sinking depths possible 

 Equip your new models with the plus in comfort and outstanding spring tension. You don't compromise with the SR3A super-strong seat suspension.

take a bath in comfort, high- end quality for your seats

Type SR2AG / SR3AG - rubber elastic suspension for foam moulded seats


  • highly elastic versions
  • foam moulded qualities
  • individual adaptability and zoning possible
  • outstanding seating comfort in this design
  • pretension more than 100%
  • suitable for seat and backrest
  • can be cut in, does not continue to tear
  • burning in of holes for threads and support brackets possible
  • available from stock in widths 500 mm - 600 mm
hidden values, moulded foam injection quality

Type SRAM - universal seat and backrest suspension

  • short elastic  
  • use of special monofilaments
  • processable with a pretension of up to 25%
  • universal quality for backrest and seat
  • available from stock from 320 mm to 970 mm
  • horizontal and vertical processing possible

This is one of our most versatile qualities. For some applications, SRAM can also be stretched by hand. Please involve us as early as possible in your considerations when developing new models - we would be happy to assist you.

The premium suspension for highest demands

Elastic visible qualities

Our elastic visible qualities combine the benefits of suspension with the visual appearance of an attractive cover material. We would be happy to develop new visual versions or nets with specifically defined properties for you - just give us a call. Please find below some application examples and sample images.

Type NRAM - net covering which can be used for application where the material is visible

  • short elastic versions 
  • equipped with special monofilaments
  • Pretension of up to 20 % possible
  • 4-way stretch versions
  • Presentation of goods: Rolls of 40 m each
  • ideally suited for single layer coverings
  • choice of numerous optical versions
  • available from stock in widths from 500 mm to 600 mm
  • Colour requests can be realised
  • Use our extensive finishing options
  • Custom production of cuttings using laser
  • Finishing into sewn hoods
  • single layer hook-on systems with sewn on welting strip
  • single layer hook-on systems with ultrasound welded profiles


We consistently work on the development of new qualities and visual variations. Just use our development potential and describe your vision to us. The concious selection of special raw material combinations allows us to influence the visual appearance and function of newly designed nets according to your ideas and therefore adapt them perfectly to your requirements.

 Here you can view some of our standard versions in detail. Please consider that the visual appearance of the nets can still slightly change due to the degree of subsequent expansion. 

The visible backrest suspension, durable and timeless in its design

NRAM Outdoor - visible and for outdoor use

  • use of UV-stabilised yarns
  • special equipment
  • can be used in the seat and backrest area
  • very good load bearing capacity
  • perfect seat comfort 
  • elastic monofilaments

In this range, we supply materials which are exactly coordinated to the outdoor requirements. Usually, this concerns visual special solutions which are manufactured specifically upon customer request - we would be happy to discuss further details with you.

Outstanding seat comfort for your garden furniture