English journalist Alan Heath stops by at Rathgeber headquarter

Beside of the furniture industry ilira - stretch is a term, too. The storage stretch fabrics of the brand [KiiPER] are steadily gaining popularity. During the last CMT Fair in Stuttgart as well reporter outside of Germany took notice of the [KiiPER] storage system. After the show the english journalist Alan Heath visited our company to get more detailed information. Mr. Heath travelled with his own motorhome and as a man of practice he wanted to see and give a professional opinion on the function and the assembling process to have a better view on the product.

In a matter of hours a remarkable video documenation has been done by Alan Heath with great routine and professionalism that can be seen at the following link. http://www.motorhomefulltime.com/equipment/internal-storage-system-motorhomes

We recommend all motorhome owners as well the following website www.motorhomefulltime.com





Thonet bureau S 1200

The filigree bureau S 1200 in its different designs and optional accessories is a very unique piece of furniture and turns work into an experience. The design is inspired by the Thonet Design Team's in-house collection of classic tubular steel furniture. The decisive advantage of the S1200 is its compact form which allows it to be integrated in even the smallest room. The basis of the S 1200 is its well thought-out tubular steel frame which makes it easy to set up even in narrow hallways or alcoves. The bureau is available with ilira-stretch S 1214 cable management. Photo: Constantin Meyer

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Thonet S 1200 with [KiiPER] ilira - stretch cable management

wound chair designer Qianli Ma ilira - stretch
Wickelstuhl Designer Qianli Ma, ilira - stretch