Our ilira-roll® shutter belt runs and runs and runs...

Durable, made from the best raw materials. Carefully manufactured in a broad range of widths, colours and designs. Every metre is checked and rolled, then packaged cleanly and safely. Reliable and fast delivery service.

You decide which style you prefer: Cross-ribbed, burled or smooth/soft with or without white edges - in all possible widths. Typical colours are beige, grey, white, black-white-mottled and brown. Furthermore, we also provide 2-colour belt qualities, upper side grey, bottom side beige, available from stock, additional special colours on request.

Hoist belts 22/23 mm

We offer you a wide selection of many different styles. Choose your favourites from different fabric constructions, material compositions and strengths from 0.9 mm to about 2.2 mm. You have the choice: from classic "new building belts" to special transmission or universal belts right to special sure-grip repair belts: all quickly and easily available from stock. Our sample collection demonstrates the range.

Special productions, tailored to your requirements and needs can also be realised: Our consulting service would be happy to provide you with further details.

Mini-hoist belts 14/15 mm

Benefit from our diverse stock range, large selection, different constructions/weave patterns in various material strengths - from 0.9 mm "extra-thin" for electronic belt winders or for elements with small belt wheels right up to specifically strong craftsman quality in the range of about 1.9 mm - immediately available from stock.

Individual special production according to your requirements and specifications, adjusted to your component - specifically good operating characteristics, edge protection thanks to special raw material mix, mould resistance, tailor-made to suit your needs. You can find a selection in our current sample collection. Our consulting service would be happy to provide you with guidance and resources.

Special belts 10/-35 mm

In addition to hoist belts in the special widths of 10 and 12 mm, belt qualities in intermediate widths of 16-20 mm (e.g. 18 mm are standard for prefabricated houses), we also offer you nail-on webbing straps in different designs as well as eyelet straps for wooden shutters - immediately available from stock.

Furthermore, a large range of special qualities are available for special customer requests. Customer-specific manufacture according to your wishes and requirements is also possible. Inform us about your wishes, we would be happy to check the options on a case-by-case basis: Our consulting service is ready to assist you.

Window belts

You will find window transport so much easier with the transport aids made from ilira-window® webbing strap - our harnesses for your element. Cost-effective transport from A to B; to and at the customer and on the construction site. Perforated and non-perforated belt cuttings / carrying belts for self-assembly with thermally-welded belt ends for your safety. Immediately available from stock in belt widths of 22/23 mm, other designs and widths on request. Different product suggestions can be found in our sample card.

We also offer suitable straps in different lengths and designs for strapping and fixing purposes - all from one source. Our consulting service would be happy to assist you with additional information.

Accessories / cords

In addition, we also offer belt repair sets in different widths and designs, also in special lengths, universally usable storage boxes for belts, integrated dispenser, suitable for all belt widths. Furthermore, we also stock belts for other application ranges e.g. protective belts for roller shutters.

Our range is complemented with cords which are available in different strengths and diameters. Suitable material for cord winder and repairs are available in black-white, uni white, grey and brown immediately from stock. Special productions upon request, our consulting service would be happy to advise you.

Make use of combination delivery: Belts and cords from one source.