Rolled or wound to suit your taste

Our qualities are available in various roll and reel sizes. Standard or individual in lengths and sizes in line with market requirements or specifically tailored to your wishes and product requirements.

Non-perforated or perforated ends, clamped or glued, labelled or neutral. Cleanly and safely packaged in a standard box or in special packaging. Inform yourself about our various options and tell us your favourites. Your contact person would be happy to provide you with an individual quotation and additional product information.

50 m rolls

Our classics for individual length cutting and processing.

Classic rollers are indispensable in shutter construction but are also the top choice in other areas. We offer you therefore all qualities of this popular product immediately available from stock. Pull-up belts and other products are available in beige, grey, beige-grey (2 coloured), brown, white and black-white-mottled. Special qualities and colours on request.

Several millions of meters are processed per year and dispatched daily to our customers.

Carefully wound rolled goods - 20 rolls / 1,000 m per box.

Small rolls

Parts ready for assembly - tailor-made for you.

Our prefabricated parts with perforated strap ends allow you to use them fast and efficiently. You also have no waste.

Typical fixing lengths, such as 4.50 m for windows and 6.00 m for doors are available from stock at short notice, other dimensions can be manufactured for you on request. Ends clamped or glued, according to your choice.

Our small rolls are available loose in a box, packaging content 100 units. Upon request also available as SB-Pack (individual packaging).

Large-capacity spools

Our largest packages used by manufacturers.

Directly cut to length at the workstation, good handling, space-saving and little waste. Mini-hoist belts in standard widths are available immediately from stock, choice of different colours; packaging content: 1 spool @ 1,000 m.

Do you require other belt widths on a spool? Contact us, we can offer a solution.

Furthermore, we also have cord qualities available on large spools for processors. Select from different styles, strengths, diameters and colours; packaging content 1 spool at 500 m.

Rolls and spools in special lengths

Individual presentation of goods: lengths and sizes according to your wishes and specification, neutral or labelled

We also offer you suitable 25 m rolls in different designs and widths for our ilira-roll® TOPP-BOX strap storage box. Furthermore, we also offer you special products for different application areas in assorted colours and at different lengths, e.g. 500 m per box.

Handy cord reels in special length 100 m - easy to transport, ideal for repairs. Available in different colours and material strengths, other special lengths/ sizes available on request.

Or do you want us to cut it to length for you?

Our products are also available in cut form, ready for assembly in many different designs and versions for all types of applications.

Popular and indispensable in shutter and window construction. Prefabricated parts in line with market requirements in standard widths and lengths immediately available from stock. Special productions can also be realised, your contact person would be happy to inform you about additional details and would be happy to provide you with additional product information.


In any length and design of your choice. We offer you strap cuttings for different application purposes, hot or cold cut, perforated or non-perforated depending on your requirements and needs.

As nail-on/suspension belts, we recommend belts cut to length crosswise with slit or punched out long hole which makes further processing easier for you. Packaging content 1,000 units. Alternatively, additional cuttings are available on request also with profile strip or rolls for individual length cutting. ilira-window®-carrying belts for window transport for your safety with thermal welded strap ends. Stock version 500 mm; packaging content 1,000 units.

Cleanly and safely packaged, reliable delivery service

Our products are available in environmentally friendly packaging. Special folding carton with separate lid protects your goods - individual rolls and parts can be removed easily. Delivery service is fast and easy, millions of parts are supplied every year to our customers, daily dispatch, reliable delivery to your door. You would rather collect? Not a problem, simply use our collection service!

Packaging & Logistics

We have a base range of packaging available in order to supply our webbing straps safely to our end customers. Structured storage systems ensure a quick overview and fast commission of your order. Administration of annual call orders as well as weekly deliveries for series productions are daily standard processes. Our variable storage system can cope easily with customers' seasonal specific capacity fluctuations.

Web-EDI applications, VDA transport labels and barcodes on our webbing strap packaging can be implemented individually for every customer. We look after different industrial sectors with your relevant special requirements.