Everything elastic or what?

Since the 1950ies, ilira-elastic upholstery belts have been an established name for the manufacture of seating furniture. They give upholstered furniture their unmistakable seat characteristics. It is not really necessary to hold long speeches about the processing methods of elastic belts. The use and processing of elastic rubber belts has long been established and is now standard practice. Every single roll which is manufactured here in Herbrechtingen is checked for its elasticity according to in-house specifications and then labelled. Belt rolls which do not meet these specifications will not be delivered. This has enabled us to maintain our quality level all these years to the present day. We only process rubber-elastic straps at quality grade 22/24 for our rubber elastic belts.

Over the decades, more and more articles were added. We are always prepared to listen to the wishes of our furniture sector clients. Hence, ilira-elastic has been extended with webbing which is not even elastic according to our definition. Very much the opposite. We have developed special qualities for visible chair weaves which are further stetched after the weaving process. With this method we can prevent depressions occuring in the seat when used later on.

Seat webbing

This webbing is best suited for the use as seat suspension for upholstered furniture, TV armchairs, chairs etc. Decisive is the requirement with regards to the finished piece of furniture. Light seat webbing is sometimes also used in backrests for well-founded cases. You have the choice. We would be happy to assist you.

  • SM 2/60 light, universal seat quality
  • SM 3/60, BSS 3/60 strong seat qualities for industrial applications
  • S 4/60 Premium quality for highest requirements
  • SKN 2/60 , SKM 3/60 short-elastic, heavy seat webbing
  • Ultraflex, fully synthetic seat suspension
  • Original suspension webbing, fully synthetic, short-elastic suspension
different seat webbing made by Rathgeber


You can find light to medium-strong webbing in this range for the use in backrests for upholstered furniture and easy chairs at a width of 50 - 120 mm. Various qualities of rubber elastic webbing are available.

  • light armrest webbing LPM 1/50, LPM 1/60, LPM 1/70, SPFM 1/120
  • medium-strong qualities SLM 1/60, SLM 1/70



backrest webbing made by Rathgeber

Chair cover belts, braided belts

  • Thermal expanded webbing straps are available
  • For this reason no depression of the seating area after use
  • used raw materials: Polyacrylic, Polyester, Polypropylene, Flax, Cotton
  • Outdoor variations with high lightfastness available
  • Special widths and special colours are already possible in small quantities
  • Special elastic versions available

Do you need patterns? We are happy to help you.

ilira - elastic braided webbings for visible webbing braids

elastic specialities


  • Edge belt with predetermined buckling line(s)
  • cross-elastic tightening strips in various widths to minimise wrinkling of sensitive fabrics and leather, very easy assembly, can also be used for functional elements such as armrests which fold away to the sides
  • Bedding retaining straps, this system fixes the bedding for foldaway beds and other systems
  • ilira-suspension belt, the original. The alternative to standard jute belts, no formation of depressions
  • Ultraflex, 100 % polyester, 100 % convincing in comfort
  • Belts for the automotive, sport, leisure, and fashion sectors
sideway stretch webbing and other special solutions made by Rathgeber