Continuously sewn belt loops

  • Production of made-to-measure cuts
  • Lengths perfectly adjusted to frame dimensions
  • Sewing in continuous loops
  • High-strength connecting seams
  • Consistent quality based on previous expansion checks of the opened piece goods
  • Assembly by hand or using suitable stretching devices

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precise sewing of elastic loops

Belts and continuously pre-finished belt loops with wire hooks

Specifically for the suspension of metal frames, continuously sewn belt rings are the first choice in many places, often also in combination with mounting hooks. For this purpose, the continuous loops are simply pulled over the frames. We process the made-to-measure belt loops for your frames.

continously sewn belt loops
tension belts with sewn-in hooks

Accessories for processed rubber belts

  • we supply you with pre-processed, ready to install tailor-made parts
  • continuously sewn belt loops
  • tension belts with hooks sewn in on the side
  • supplied components can be processed immediately
  • 2-nosed hook for belt widths 50, 60 and 80 mm in parts also available in coated design
  • 1-nosed hook for belt width 50 mm
  • metal clamps for compression with belts width 60 mm

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Accessories for processing elastic belts