30.04.2015 - Cutting webbing straps and fabrics by laser

We are able to cut goods provided by you, but also our webbing straps and ilira-stretch broadcloth, with utmost precision on our two laser plants.

Thermal cutting has significant advantages in comparison to normal cold cutting. Specifically, thermal sealing can make holes much more durable.

If you want us to do some intitial tests, then provide us with a DXF and if possible an AI file.

Automotive belts and webbings, cutting with laser

19.05.2014 - New fully automatic quilting machine

As of today we have a new, designed sewing machine in our series production. A customer enquiry was successfully completed using this special machine. We developed the system to ensure cost-efficient production as early as fabrication of the finished product.

The right decisions could be made in time thanks to many discussions during the development phase to ensure a stable and safe production process. This was only achieved by timely involvement of our sales team during the development process.

designed sewing machine in our series production

15.10.2013 - connecting PES belts using ultrasonic

A customer project was completed successfully and is ready for series production using an absolutely special process. Adherence to various requirements with regards to the finished product were the most difficult obstacles in this case...

  • Determination of length & production while under load
  • Tolerance of finished final length of +/- 1 mm and at defined load
  • Belt width less than 9 mm - belt thickness less than 1.2 mm

 The composition of the manufacturing process can be considered as key technology for further projects.

Ultrasonic welding of Polyester webbing