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Immerse yourself in the world of ilira-stretch. What started with the development of a light, elastic cover for a full surface backrest suspension has by now developed into an impressive range of products. Naturally, our focus has mainly been on the requirements of the furniture sector. You can find here a great range of pure suspension qualities for any type of seating furniture. This diversity is complemented with a series of elastic cover materials which can be used where they are visible.

It is inevitable that these developments have an impact on other areas. The history of [KIIPER] was significantly influenced by one of our attractive high-grade qualities for visible areas. Please continue here...

stretch fabric

Suspended upholstery

For many decades now, ilira-elastic belts have been an established name in industry and craft. A broad range of seat and backrest belts is available and allows for individual adjustment of the desired comfort properties of your upholstery. This range is completed with a series of special belts such as the edge belt or crosswise elastic belts.

You can also find tension belts for braided furniture, jute belts, traditional original suspension belt, mattress grip belts, stabilisation belts for slatted frames and many more.

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elastc webbing for upholstered furniture industry

ilira-automotive® - everything apart from seat belts!

The folding process of a convertible roof is ingenious and rich in detail. Our ilira® belts add order to the apparent tangle of rods, joints and fabrics. Protective hoses for springs, loops for seat adjustment & backrest release, securing straps for fall protection, airbag safety belts and roof arch belts.

We have created our own specialist departments for this range due to the diversity of automotive applications and the special requirements and production conditions. Please talk to our contact persons before starting your project - important details may already be decisive at the beginning of your project.

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automotive belts & webbings

Runs and runs and runs

Light or shade, shutters up or down. A movement which has become almost second nature like reaching for a towel or a cup of coffee. The reason why you may not have noticed ilira-roll® belt before is probably due to the fact that is simply runs and runs and runs... This longevity results from high-strength materials and their careful processing for all ilira® belts on.

Rollladengurt, shutter belt

As diverse as life

Your environment is full of belts which you no longer notice since you are using them on a daily basis. The applications of our ilira® belts are almost inexhaustible: Bags, backpacks, house construction, harnesses, shopping trolleys, fitness centres, sample books, handles, irrigation systems, climbing, personal safety, rescue etc.

All industrial sectors use our belts in different projects. A specialist department helps you with the development or selection of the suitable material from our range which includes approx. 250 varieties. The possibilities of solutions are diverse. 

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technical belts for industries

Straight in the net - anywhere and everywhere!

Whether in the caravan or at home in the kitchen, the bedroom or in your workshop. Straight in the net - anywhere and everywhere. On the wall, ceiling or on the floor.

[KiiPER] is secured against spontaneous theft and can therefore be used in areas which are accessible to the public (hotels, trams, public facilities, trade shows etc.). The application areas are endless: craftroom, child's bedroom, kitchen, pantry, shed, caravan, sailboat etc. [KiiPER] also creates order and keeps objects together which have to be stored for a short while or for a long time. Simply use [KiiPER] - straight in the net!

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