Research and development

Tailor-made special solutions are no longer the icing on the cake, but a main part of our daily work.

We create about 250 new samples every year thanks to our versatile processing methods. The know-how which our staff have gathered in doing this is tremendous, and it flows back into the development of every new product.

We combine the available parameters in order to implement your ideas and requirements into a new product: 

  • Raw material
  • Weaving plant
  • Warp knitting plant
  • Dyeing plant
  • Manufacture & inspection plant
  • tooling
  • engineering
  • Service

The quality of new products and their product characteristics are checked in our test lab or we commission tests in qualified institutes. The production of minimum quantities in real conditions ensures the production safety.

We would be happy to use our know-how in using our products for the implementation of your projects. It is often the small tricks which make life easier - we support you with tips, accessories or carry out work processes on your behalf as a service. Develop a new product with a partner - Everything from one source!

The right combination makes the difference: Challenge us!

Raw material

The basis of every ilira® belt is the ideal raw material. That's why we use high-quality natural and chemical fibres from selected suppliers from all over the world for the manufacturing of our belts.

The yarn selection is the basis for a quality product. We stock 100 different raw materials, yarn types and yarn strengths. If your idea cannot be realised with this range, then we have the necessary know-how and international contacts to procure the necessary materials. Belts made from Dyneema, Aramid, Carbon and metal in the form of chains, wires or wire cable have already been manufactured by us.

New materials or special properties in the belt - we are looking forward to your challenge.

Weaving plant

The great diversity of different types of needle band weaving machines, which are part of our machine park, allow us to manufacture a broad range of products. Our products can be manufactured: 

  • in the widths of 3 mm to 120 mm
  • in thicknesses of 0.4 to 4.0 mm depending on belt design
  • with strengths up to 60 kN
  • in the expansion range of 0.1 to 250%

Belts with varying widths or with your logo can also be realised using our weaving machines. We are able to safely implement your idea thanks to our know-how and our machine design capacities.

Warp knitting plant

In recent years, we have invested in a warp knitting plant and developed the necessary know-how to be able to manufacture widths of more than 120 mm at a high technical level. The starting points were elastic meshes for the furniture sector as suspension or as visible net. This idea developed into ilira-stretch and with it into a broad product range. With this technology we realised storage nets, such as [KiiPER].

Our machine park is in a position to manufacture meshes with a width of up to 1500 mm with the most diverse properties. The warp knitting plant offers us a broad range to realise new ideas: whether for the basis of foam moulded seats, as cross-elastic material to prevent wrinkles on a seat or as concrete carrier.

Dyeing plant and finishing plant

Some products make it essential to use heat, colour or additional products in order to achieve the desired properties. Minimum shrink e.g. is only possible if the construction expansion is pulled out of the fabric and it is then fixed at the relevant temperature. Our dyeing plant and equipment gives you the chance to even further optimise an already good product in its specific properties for its new purpose. Colour is only one aspect. You can find many options to achieve the desired properties such as antistatic, cut resistance, flame protection etc. in our range.

The environment is important to us. Therefore, we only use environmentally-friendly dyes and finishing products which meet European standards.

Inspection of goods & winding

Delivery of belts as 50 metre rolls is today's standard, however, it's not our benchmark. You tell us if the roll should have a cardboard or plastic core or if it has to be certain length to allow you to optimise your production. We then attempt to realise your wish - be it small or large - and to make the further processing as easy as possible for you.

Large-capacity spools, small roll, loose in the box or whatever else you need. Special markings or labelling of faults is easy to implement in every department which checks every metre of product. We have already realised bundled rolls, in a bag or special box.

Our range also includes flexibility to fulfil customer wishes. This starts with roll size and ends with the packaging.

Processed goods

Belts are our core skill. Supplied by the metre in the different presentation forms as well as finished ready to install belt systems.

The basis for our work is very simple: We use our webbing strap - from the existing repertoire or newly developed - and then process it further. For this purpose, it is possible to use these work steps - also in combination. 

  • Cold cutting
  • Thermal cutting
  • Cutting and perforating with Ultrasound
  • Cutting using Laser
  • Sewing
  • Special seams
  • Perforating
  • Welding of strips or welting
  • Applying eyelets or rivets
  • Printing
  • engineering
  • tooling

These work steps make your vision of a new or changed product a reality. All these activities - in various combinations - define the RATHGEBER difference. On request, we connect your belt with the most diverse elements e.g. finished parts such as buckles, eyelets and other fixings. This allows for at least 1,679,616 different combination options.

In conjunction with our new ideas, there is hardly a task in the belt sector which we would not be able to solve successfully with you. Challenge us with your new development.

We learn from our customers for our customers.


A belt system e.g. a lashing strap or carrying belt only works with with accessories. Therefore, we stock a large range of fitting parts made from plastic and/or metal in order to completely assemble belt systems for the highest possible loads and all technical requirement levels. This also allows us to realise your sample requests promptly. We also have Velcro tape or other textile accessories in our range.

And if our range of buckles, snap hooks, sliders, end pieces etc. should still not be sufficient, then we have suppliers who can provide us with additional special parts or who can manufacture them according to our specifications.

We are also happy to integrate your parts into the desired belt system and to develop a finished product which is ideal for your requirements.

Accessories for webbings and belts


We can assist and advice you during development and realisation of your ideas. Whether it is advice when... 

  • choosing the webbing strap
  • using our know-how in further processing
  • providing small aids or tools from our toolmaking plant
  • on the selection of a suitable mechanical engineer
  • on the process-related implementation
  • on manufacturing samples or initial series
  • on checks and much more

We would be happy to carry out the production for our customers for small series in the "stretch" area. Challenge us!