In 1933, Heinrich Robert Rathgeber acquired the bobbin lace factory and belt weaving plant from Arthur von Zaber, who at this point manufactured transmission belts for mills, head collar straps for horses and belts for the military. He operated under the company name "Jute- und Leinen-Industrie H.R. RATHGEBER" and registered the trademark jlira.

Much has changed during decades since then. The trademark jlira became ilira, the transmission belts and head collars were replaced with more than 1000 new, more contemporary products. The company is still owned by the family Rathgeber - the 3rd generation with Lutz R. Rathgeber is now running the company.

Challenges are met with ideas and the famous Swabian inventive spirit.

Our history in highlights:

1933 Heinrich R. Rathgeber acquires the company which has 6 employees

1935 Registration of the trademark jlira and the brand R

1938 Acquisition of the residential house at Weberstrasse 12 as office building

1940 Annex for dyeing plant and warehouse

1948 Construction of an office building

1950 Roland Rathgeber joins the company

1951 Development of an elastic padded strap ilira-elastic

1953 Change of legal structure to KG

1953 Roland Rathgeber becomes Managing Director

1955 Construction of a new weaving room

1959 First participation at Interzum in Cologne

1963 Shutter straps ilira-roll become part of the product portfolio

1965 First participation at R+T in Stuttgart

1966 Heinrich Rathgeber, the company founder, passes away

1970 Development of technical articles ilira-tech

1972 Set-up of a ready-made collection - 1st product ski straps

1975 Conversion to needled belt technology completed

1977 Straps for cars and commercial vehicles in the range ilira-automotive

1981 Set-up of an in-house dyeing plant