H.R. Rathgeber is at the forefront of a trend which more and more businesses in Germany are following. Climate-friendly production, the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions and the resource-saving, responsible treatment of our environment have a sustainable effect on the environmental balance. It also has an effect on the buying behaviour of consumers: Those who act demonstrably climate-friendly improve their ecological balance sheet and increase their reputation with the public. Webbing strap manufactured with 100% green electricity.

With regards to the keyword "proof", the webbing strap weaving plant H. R. Rathgeber is on the safe side thanks to its credible approach. MVV Energie has confirmations by the Freiburg-based Öko-Institut and by TÜV SÜD, namely the certificate of origin and quality certifications for the green energy generated 100% in Scandinavian run-of-river hydropower plants.

100% electricity from scandinavian hydropower plants for our plant in germany