30.04.2015 - Cutting webbing straps and fabrics by laser

We are able to cut goods provided by you, but also our webbing straps and ilira-stretch broadcloth, with utmost precision on our two laser plants.

Thermal cutting has significant advantages in comparison to normal cold cutting. Specifically, thermal sealing can make holes much more durable.

If you want us to do some intitial tests, then provide us with a DXF and if possible an AI file.

Automotive belts and webbings, cutting with laser

13.04.2015 - The [KiiPER BOXX] 

The [KiiPER BOXX] provides additional storage space and the removable bottom allows you to create additional variations. The [KiiPER]-net is fixed to the wall so that it protrudes at 2 ingenious angles. This results in a storage space depth of approx. 10 cm. Now simply saw a suitable bottom to size, insert it in the space and your [KiiPER BOXX] is ready. Available from the end of May... 

  • Width (40 cm, 60 cm and made to measure), height, 25 cm, depth 10 cm
Kiiperboxx zusätzlicher Stauraum

09.02.2015 - the new way, 4-way stretch fabric combined with perfectly-matched design

In this example, the latest generation of our elastic nets decisively supports the unique design statement. The airy transparency tempts you to try out the seat. And then you have a first class "aha" moment. Soft and comfortable, but still significantly supporting, the net covering adapts to the human back and ensures permanently comfortable sitting. With our 4-way nets, we work with a clever material combination for which we use deliberate support effects and we are therefore able to predetermine the function of the entire back cover.

Let us convince you about the benefits of an ilira-stretch cover. Further information can be found here:

We consistently work on the development of new qualities and visual variations. Just use our development potential and describe your vision to us. The purposeful selection of special raw material combinations allows us to influence the visual appearance and function of newly designed nets to suit your your ideas and therefore adapt them perfectly to your requirements. Do you have any more ideas? We also do not shy away from bigger and more complex development work. 

Do you have more questions or suggestions? Our contact persons would be happy to assist you.



ilira - stretch Motivate chair

09.01.2015 - HT storm guyropes in two-pack and three-pack sets

Our new HT-storm guy ropes consists of extremely high-quality components. High strength and UV-resistant polyester webbing strap, 5 mm metal fittings, 120 kg - GFK-reinforced key lock integrated & ultra-light spring module.

Our storm guyropes completely replace any currently additionally used guyropes. You will only need three guy lines and your awning, marquee or sun sail are secure.

Available in our web shop: Premium HT-Sturmleine
Info under http://www.ht-sturmleine.de/

Storm guyrope for awnings, sun sails and marquess

15.11.2014 - Thonet bureau S 1200 with ilira-stretch S 1214 cable management

The filigree bureau S 1200 in its different designs is a very unique piece of furniture and turns work into an experience. The advantage of the S 1200 is in its compact dimensions which allows it to be integrated in even the smallest room. The basis of the S 1200 is a tubular steel frame which makes it easy to set up even in narrow hallways or alcoves. The bureau is available with ilira-stretch S 1214 cable management. Photo: Constantin Meyer

Further information can be found here.

Thonet S 1200 with [KiiPER] ilira - stretch fabric

10.02.2014 - Specialist nets for caravans

One of the most recent new developments by us made its début in January 2014 at CMT in Stuttgart. Since we were also exhibiting [KiiPER] we were able to do some development work directly with the manufacturers.

Based on [KiiPER], the new Dethelff's c'go & c'trend, a specialist net for bath and pre-bath, was developed right at our stall. Time was of the essence since this most successful model was due to be launched in April 2014.

Webbing strap in the caravan