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You will be surprised how often and self-evident you have a belt in hand without realizing it. Belts are connecting and fasten things, they operate and control, they are always in action. We want to show you what can be done with belts. With elastic belts we are creating comfort and our ilira – stretch fabrics improve the comfort of your chairs and upholstery furniture.

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13.04.2015 - The [KiiPER BOXX] 

The [KiiPER BOXX] provides additional storage space and the removable bottom allows you to create additional variations. The [KiiPER]-net is fixed to the wall so that it protrudes at 2 ingenious angles. This results in a storage space depth of approx. 10 cm. Now simply saw a suitable bottom to size, insert it in the space and your [KiiPER BOXX] is ready. Available from the end of May... 

  • Width (40 cm, 60 cm and made to measure), height, 25 cm, depth 10 cm
Kiiperboxx zusätzlicher Stauraum

13.04.2015 - The [KiiPER - PAD]

We recommend that you always secure [KiiPER] with screws - no exceptions! There are, however, installation positions and other situations where drilling or screwing is not possible. The [KiiPER - PAD] can now be used for fitting.

Simply screw the [KiiPER] on the [KiiPER - PAD] and fix this "connector" on any type of surface using adhesive, Velcro tape, double-sided tape, assembly foam, silicone etc. [KiiPER - PAD] has a solid strength of 15 mm - total value incl. assembly holes.

Kiiperpad Brett Befestigung

09.01.2015 - HT storm guyropes in two-pack and three-pack sets

Our new HT-storm guy ropes consists of extremely high-quality components. High strength and UV-resistant polyester webbing strap, 5 mm metal fittings, 120 kg - GFK-reinforced key lock integrated & ultra-light spring module.

Our storm guyropes completely replace any currently additionally used guyropes. You will only need three guy lines and your awning, marquee or sun sail are secure.

Available in our web shop: Premium HT-Sturmleine
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Storm guyrope for awnings, sun sails and marquess